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113 | Vulnerable Dr. Gladys Ng'etich | Imposter Syndrome | Female Engineer | From the Village The Vulnerable Scientist

Dr. Gladys Ngetich is a Rhodes Scholar and a Schmidt Science Fellow. She is currently undertaking her postdoctoral research at Space Enabled at MIT under Schmidt Science Fellowship. She completed her PhD in Engineering Science (Aerospace) at Oxford Thermofluids Institute at the University of Oxford in 2019. During her PhD, she researched efficient ways of cooling jet engines. Before joining Oxford, Gladys pursued her bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. Gladys is an experienced leader, motivational speaker, footballer, author, and passionate about women's empowerment. She heads Iluu; an organization that mentors, inspires, and empowers women and girls in Kenya. 'The PhD journey: In this book, she has shared some strategies for enrolling and thriving in a PhD journey mostly based on my experience reading for a PhD in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. She also interviewed 15 friends who generously shared what they wish they had been told before they embarked on their PhD journeys, they also share how they settled on their PhD research topics, how they sourced funding etc.The Vulnerable Scientist is a Kenyan-based podcast that focuses on scientists' stories about their daily lives, work, and how they got to where they are. I am your host Sarah Nyakeri, a scientist, informal science communicator and a hiker. I am a multidisciplinary individual that does digital marketing and website design during my free time.The main questions asked that scientists are expected to answer vulnerable are: How are you, Introduce yourself, how did you become a scientist, What are the highs and lows you have experienced in your science career, tell the listeners about your hobbies, what question would you like to answer that has not been asked and how do you feel after having this conversation.If you want to be Vulnerable on the show, send me an audio message either on speak pipe ( ) or anchor ( free to reach out too if you want to talk about a certain topic in the science career space or anything as a scientist that might have nothing to with science but affects scientists. The podcast is on social media @TVscientistPod and Website; can support the show ( on Patreon or Paypal sarahnyanchera(at)gmail or Mpesa at (254)0718-896-962 under Sarah Nyakeri. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. 113 | Vulnerable Dr. Gladys Ng'etich | Imposter Syndrome | Female Engineer | From the Village
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