My Two ‘Monkeys

Wow. I haven’t opened this website for a while especially from the backend to see what’s going on. I opened it to tell you the story of a monkey that got into my house to steal then I saw a comment from a reader, Githuku, who praised my writing skills and how much imagery it had. It did feel nice to be found on google, a random person goes ahead and reads the comments. One of the best feelings for any blogger. I am curious to know what happened with his first hike, the why, the experiences, the lessons, the giving up, the tough moments on top of the second highest mountain as a first-time hiker and doing it in a day. Githuku, if you reading this, please reach out. I want you to be my first guest on my upcoming hiking podcast. No name Yet.

Back to the helpless monkey. I was seated at the downside of my beg with my legs hanging, deep in thoughts. I had just a rough night of asking myself a lot of questions Why this? Why that? In short, I had just been lied to again by someone I had come to trust. I used the method my mom used to forgive that person. It’s not the 70*7 forgiveness model but the 1,2,3,4(‘kiboko’) model. The first strike was something that had nothing to with lying but worse and I chose to give it a chance. The second one was unbelievably a stupid lie. All this time, I knew it was a lie. Forgiveness was given after it was sorted. The third time and ‘Kiboko’ time was today morning. To be more exact, the third time was the day before yesterday but came to know it was a lie today together with today’s lie.

Now! If you have ever interacted closely with someone who has Meru and Kisii blood flowing in their veins, you know what it is like when they are annoyed. I did not react the way you are thinking but instead, I kept cool. My heart raced – literally – now and then but I breathed deliberately heavily just to tell my mind, we are going to forget about this newly labelled monkey. Monkey because, that monkey that disrupted my thoughts deceived me with its beauty but took the opened packet of uncooked peanuts, and climbed up the rainwater pipe to the roof. Just like the lying monkey, I just said fucked and then laughed. The only difference is, the fuck to the lying monkey was not never on their face but under my breath, while the stealing monkey one was loud making someone standing 5 floors down look up. I moved my eyes to the now-shaking branch that was nearest to my balcony.

I was now soft. I felt bad for both monkeys. If I let them face my wrath, they will not be in a good state. I justified their actions. I even attached their actions to their personalities and choose to understand them. The stealing monkey: It was in their character to really like ‘njugu’ / peanuts. I was the one careless to leave the door and windows open. Hey! this was the first time I knew those trees had monkeys, In the smacking middle of a busy low-income estate. The lying monkey: This is the inbuilt character. I know this. I have seen this in other things with other people. I just ignored it. It’s my fault to stay when the first lie came in. Hey! I am just a girl in love with someone who doesn’t necessarily feel the same or who reads love differently.