Sarah’s Guide to be a better Workaholic

You know what? I have just realized I am an expert at being a workaholic and I thought, why not write a … guide or something.

  1. Do not set an alarm. Wake up when your mind has had enough rest.
  2. Do the things that mainly depend on your brain when you are still fresh
  3. You can do the repetitive stuff when the brain juice is getting low
  4. Don’t stop working until your brain is exhausted
  5. If you brain is hot, take a compulsory walk; easiest place is to the bathroom, EAT, non-work breaks, the long break

All about breaks for workaholics

Choosing a bathroom for a break.

  • Should be far away from your desk/station or whatever to have a good walk and let your brain rest for a while.
  • Should be as quiet and have fresher air as possible so that you can have a few moments of meditation
  • It should have network so that you can listen to music or scroll on social media or get back with calls and messages or whatever calms you down with your phone.
  • Choose a less frequented toilet so that there is less interruption and less usage so that you can sit on the toilet comfortably.
  • If you need to cry, cry.

Take glucose breaks

If you feel tired, don’t push it. Have some snacks and food with you in the fridge, drawer or freezer depending on the type of food. This will come in handy when you need it. Don’t take too much or too heavy for short breaks, they will definitely slow you down. If heavy your long break after that.

Long breaks

I know you want to keep on going, but you will need this. Once you take a heavy meal, your body is going to refuse to work so you might want to go for a walk, or talk to someone either in person or over a video call or I don’t know… just talk to someone.

Another great kind of break is a daybreak or hours break or whatever. Do something that makes you not think about your work even for a second.

Go to church. Go for a hike. You can go drinking if it’s your thing. Go do whatever. Watch a movie. Go on a date either by yourself, with your child, friend, parent, significant other, stranger…This is part of non-work breaks. In addition, Start a hobby, something new to keep you sane and for your mental health. I started a podcast.

Sorry, I zoned out. Raincheck?

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