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Ahadi movers loading items into the truck

Growing up, we moved a lot due to rent issues. This made me hate moving days. I recently wanted to move – apart from trauma, I am lazy too- and have an option of not lifting a finger, especially in packing. After thoroughly going through an online search, I was inspired to share with you what I got.

When it comes to moving your items, either when moving houses, offices or relocating businesses, it is important to get the best movers in the business in that country. This is will save you the trouble of losing items, damage of items, bad customer service, prices that don’t match the service given and inconveniencing when it comes to time.

If you google top companies when it comes to international and local moving in Kenya, here is a list of the best movers recommended on my search according to Google review listings. The first three have over 700 reviews but they have been classified depending on the star rating of the companies

Photo Credit: Ahadi Movers

The 3 Best Removal companies

1. Ahadi Movers Limited | 4.9 Stars

Ahadi Movers is East Africa‚Äôs leading full service moving company, based in Nairobi. They specialize in a full range of household and commercial moving services, customized to fit someone’s particular moving needs. More…

2. Nellions Moving & Relocations Company | 4.8 Stars

A moving and relocations company based in Kenya and Uganda.

3. Taylor movers Kenya | 4.7 Stars

Taylor Movers is a privately held firm committed to excellence through providing relocations, transportation, warehousing, expatriate mobility services and logistics services efficiently.

Tips while searching for best companies in relocations

When looking for recommendations online or from friends, here are a few tips to look at when trying to settle for one.

  1. Google Customer Reviews – There is no company that will put their bad reviews on their websites but google reviews do not lie and cannot be sensored/removed by the company if it is a bad review. Go through the bad reviews and check the responses the companies gives to make an informed decision. Check for the genuity of the good reviews to avoid reading reviews from company employees or people who were never customers.
  2. Social media audience. Although Facebook has a reviews section, I am not sure if its undelitable but its good to go through their social media profiles to see the responses they are having on their timelines. The bigger the following, the higher the chance of being experienced in the game but this doesn’t guarrantee you a clear picture of hwo good they are.
  3. Website: How keen they are when it comes to displaying their work online mostly shows how serious they take their business. It is said, first impressions matter.

Other Relocation Companies

The rest of the companies have over 100- 300 reviews on google but are worth mentioning include Cube, Touch, Senior and Prime movers.

Suggest any other reviews and recommendations you would like me to list.