Personal Tips on Buying HIV self test kits in Kenya

There are three types of tests in #HIV self test kits that I know of….Oral Quick (Waoga wa sindano), Rapid and the The strip which are both blood based.

I like the oral ones because of the hygienity that comes with it and that i don’t have to prick my hands. They are given free in Kenyatta and LVCT centers

Problem? Takes time to get results, chances of false positives are high and most pharmacies raise the price for not good reason…some chemist sell it at 200 shillings others 300,350, 500…feel like shouting…if you order online for same day delivery, it can cost you upwards of 1000.

It is still my no one. Tukipata positive results, tutatest tena na the rest…

Secondly, I love the rapid (pictured) where you feel the value for your money due to packaging, beautiful lancet that can’t prick twice (I hear, never tried) so chances of cross contamination are low and plenty of buffer (biochemists make and love buffers)

Price: 250

Problem, hyo lancet ni uchungu no good reason…

Last and most common, the strip. Buffer buffer buffer….these people drink buffers or sth. Some might come with buffers that are not packaged well and not enough. The ‘lancet’ ni sindano but if you get a good type of strip test, it has a less painful lancet than the rest (comes with experience). Alcohol swabs always nearly dry.

Good thing? Not bulky as the rest. They are the cheapest. 200. Bargain my friends. Msidanganywe. But if you can, get the others…

Don’t have sex before testing, Either protected or unprotected. Call me Paranoid, I don’t care.

If it’s positive after testing again, Go take your ART’s (ARV)and continue living. If not loyal to them, you gonna get resistance and drugs that can help you will run out.

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