Officially a hiker: Gatamaiyu hike experience

“We are going to hike just the two of us” he announced. You should have seen my face.  I was elated.

Later on,  he calls someone to pick her.  I was like, “what?  I thought u said its just us?”

It was a team of more introverts than extroverts. I was holding the camera and it reminded me of first baptism in using a Camera. 

I was in another country representing the Kenyan office. I was just an intern.  I was to report at the same time needed photos from it. They weren’t perfect, but that’s the time I realised I loved taking photos of nature as compared to people.  That’s what happened at my third hike.

Finally I got what I wanted. Silence. It’s the main reason I chose Gatamaiyu Hike over Raini Trek. The remoteness.

My eyes got teary because the beauty.  That’s weird. But trust me,  my nose was moist.  That’s how beautiful that trail was. 

Leave alone Nachu caves experience, to get to the under side of the waterfall was crazy. Rotten roots that have helped in going down. Painful stems with thorns that hurt me when I tried to stop a slide. I was alone.

I stopped and took the camera and started taking photos where I came from and where I was going.  The pictures say nothing.  The soil was wet and slidy.  This was my third hiking trousers and here they were on the verge of being destroyed.

I might have toughened and my boots my have given me more confidence but I feared going up.  I thought I would fall back to the river.  The higher I went,  the scarier it became.  Heights.  I hate.

It was such a brief lunch and we were back.  Breaks were rare and if they did happen,  they were very short.

Going back,  I was always last.  I was not in a hurry. I didn’t care if they got impatient waiting for me.  I was just in another world. 

First time I wore those boots the whole hike without changing especially with the flat ground areas. That hike (16km) was too brief.  I wanted more.  This is someone who came to the hike with a hurt foot.

At some point,  this hired guide said to me that “All of us waiting for you”. There were sighs of rain.  He was getting impatient with me.  Saying it they way he said it, pissed me and I was not about to suck it in. 

Three days later,  my legs are a bit painful when I stretch but just fine. Officially a hiker.

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