My favorite Trek: Lost weight Surprise

He is my cousin. I will give you triplets. Please baby come down” Her lungs screamed out as he kept going up the tree that we were now surrounding. Everybody wanted him to have a soft landing just incase.

This was one of trees in the natural forest that was along our path. We would have loved to go through but it was too dense to even see the soil. After all we had had enough of into the forest walk. We had seen enough of beautiful tree variety.

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What I hadn’t liked about it so far was the lack of a water body and lack of thickets for the washroom visits. This was the first trek that had no waterfalls yet it turned out to be my favorite simply because of people.

As someone who prefers silence, I was one of the noisemakers singing and laughing so loudly. These are people who hardly know each other. One or two people knew each other while some were first timers. It was amazing to see how people from different african countries connect so easily.

This time, there weren’t a lot of repeats from last hike. Looks like people are still recovering from the trauma. I am glad I was one of the few repeats who appeared last weekend. After all hiking can be a thing. This time round, I didn’t put too much thought in the morning. I had made that decision the previous weekend when most of the people were already thinking of skipping.

I loved resting against a tree, running down a valley, the morning stretch done by Faith, walking under the tree umbrella since I forgot the hat, and that ‘Come down baby’ moment.

These guys who had totally different characters and I hadn’t seen them have a conversation were suddenly a couple. This guy was was trying to overcome a phobia while climbing up that tall tree. The lady was simply having fun making everyone laugh. My head ached. My cheeks were tired.

After about 15km (which was supposed to be 18km – must have been the exploration point where we created a trail not knowing where we were going that must have made a shortcut) we were done with trek under 5 hours. It was amazing to go into the unknown. We started late thanks to people who have problem with following Google Maps (we are not mentioning names) and finished too early than usual.

My legs didn’t ache a bit. They still don’t. Finally I had my moment of ‘my body is tired but my legs are fine‘.

This is moment that didn’t make sense though. We are done with the trek but no one is going home. Why? Ok. One went. The rest were sitted there until someone suggested a stretch from the stretching guru I have met so far. That was a sweet stretch just to make sure we had a good week. So far so good.

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Even after that stretch people were still hovering around. A game was out of the car and people were now engaged and forgetting that people go home after long walks to rest. Collectively, they cheered a wedding convoy. This is something you do if you feel safe doing that in front of your friends.

A guy passing by stopped his chauffeur to know what group was having a moment of their lives like that. Later on, a drunk man attempted the stretches and gave up.

The best part of it is seeing introverts enjoying every moment.

I mistakenly took my weight and I had just lost 4kgs in 1 month. Rude shock. I am worried. Need my weight back. I am excited though to attempt my third hike next week. Still to chose between the beautiful trek and the hike on the same weekend. The trek looks cheaper though.

Photo Credit: Hikers Afrique