Through my Eyes of Guide 1: Hikers Afrique

We have shared the same space 6 times – 2 Hikes,  3 Treks and 1 Farewell Party. We have never sat down and had a discussion so this off pure observance.  There is a risk of a wrong perspective but it is my opinion of him.

First of all, He is off the market. Married! With a fat ring. Young and active father. 

He wears three hats that I see Co-founder, Guide and Photographer.

Insists Ugandan pineapples are better than the Kenyan ones. 

Wild… Good time keeper. Leadership to him is like Miranda…Natural and easy. 

Christian…often comments when we get Caves that we can start praying or something.

Too much Kalenjin energy.  Dude runs back and forth to lead (if the only guide familiar with route)  and take photos of people and landscapes (even if there are other photographers). 

He cannot skip his lunch break. Always carrying awesome pancakes.

Nature addict.  He has a pretty good taste of what is worth hiking or trekking for.


Has a hiking brother. 

He has a tendency to smile.  He can be loud when someone is not being careful.  He grunts when too happy or exhausted… Not sure of the cause of the occasional 1 second grunts…noises… Loud name mentions… Outbursts… Not sure what to call them.

Reasonable. Pretty good control of his anger. Responsible. Gets dissapointed and shows it.

Honest. Full of surprises.  I can’t put a stamp on integrity yet (not enough evidence) but looks like he has it.

Obsessed with nature and taking photos. Imagine we are in a party and this guy instead of getting most of the Pizza moment,  He wants to take photos…Who doesn’t that?  That’s just too much love for a hobby.

Good Work ethic.

Pretty good with names than the average guy.  Social and tries to make everyone feel at home and noticed.

Learns people’s capabilities pretty quickly and know if they can and can’t use as a certain route.

Just learnt he likes being photographed too.