2 Cents: Corona KCSE graduate Career ‘Manual’

  1. Passion: Make sure you do something you love. There is no Good and Bad course. All approved courses in colleges and Universities are marketable. The marketability depends on you.
  2. A Certificate, Diploma or Degree is only there to prepare your mind to be trainable. This training can be in fields where you were studied or other fields. A lot of people are pursuing careers not related to what they did in school. 

One thing I have always asked strangers after they are done talking about their career is “Do you love what you do?” 8% say that they do. The rest “Bora Kazi.” The 8% talk about passion.

“I love what I do because it’s something I enjoy. I love waking up every day and going to work. It’s even more awesome since I can pay my bills with it, however, it doesn’t feel like a job.

So, my question to you is, “What is that thing you would wake up to do everyday with the only reward being contentment and not money?”

If you didn’t have that answer yet, we are going to find that with you.

Fear is the barrier between you and what you want.

Job Shadow

Look around you. What are people doing? Spend a day with them. Ask questions. Observe. Make your hands dirty if you can. Do that in various professions. Be it an organization, businesses, Consultants, go to courtrooms (It’s free) and whatever people do to bring something to the table.

The question is “How do I approach these guys”. Simple! Hi, my name is so and so. I recently finished my KCSE and would love to join you to work at least for one to inform my career choice. Done! This can be in person, by email, or whichever way. You can even ask someone (family, friend or even someone you just know) to ask them if they seem unreachable. Do you know what the worst that would happen? NO. That’s the worst they can do to you so you better try.

Learn your personality

If you try the above, you will have learnt so much about yourself already. You can also involve yourself in volunteer positions in events, children homes, join clubs, groups, Meet-up (It’s an app), listen to webinars that these days are kinder too available.

Watch YouTube videos about “A day in the life of….”, “How to…” “How this is done” such as the ones on Business Insider. Expose yourself to as much content as you can. Podcasts, Non-fictional books, Network, Meet people. If you are afraid of meeting new people, it might be more difficult for you but good thing you are aware of that. That was the hard step. Now find ways to navigate through it.

Once you have listed at least 3 different careers paths that align with your personality, do the job shadow thing.

Find a mentor

“Hi, I would like to be my mentor.” There is no right or wrong way to do this stuff. You know the first thing they should at least let you know is how to approach a prospective mentor. You can even google that.

Having a mentor is one of the most important things to thrive in any career out here. You want to be with someone who has been through that, done that. You want to be mentored by someone who believes in you and wants the best for you. You want someone you can trust to propel you the right way.


No one is unreachable. We all get hungry, digest the same way, fart, have emotions, become insecure at times and visit the loo. Whatever natural things you through every day, they do. That’s how I became confident to approach people I wanted to talk to. You can use the trick or make your own.

Long Version: Dear Corona KCSE graduate – New Biochemist