Hike and Treks Must haves

I would have loved to steal this must haves and duplicate them here to make my work easy but would that be my story ? Naah. The above picture is Gicheru Mines Hike done yesterday. Quite a story to tell. One of the biggest challenges I have faced so far.

If you see an advert that have very beautiful nature and experiences…do not be quick to go for it unless you have the following…

Appropriate Dressing

Inner Clothes

This is a picture my first ever about 20km trek. As much as my nipples show, I had my sports bra on – which later made me not wear one until the recent hike which saved me a lot. The first one was rather tight and left a red line underneath which I wasn’t pleased with. I bought a loser one which made it easier to remove my wet top and squeeze the water out yesterday.

Wear a comfortable panty: Cotton to make you breath and not get friction. Loose enough to make you feel comfortable and free and alive. I have not tried wearing a boxer and I do not have penis so I can’t speak for them. I have also not tried to go commando which I have a feeling some do but will try one of this day and update this part.

Carry extra of these inner clothes just incase of anything. Trust me!

Upper body Clothes


Please Please, do not go out there without a long sleeve of some form. This will come in handy when passing through forests and bushes. Wear and extra loose top that will help with the hear and preferable with a light color. Do not wear earthy colors. It will be heard for people to notice you incase you miss from the lot. As much as people introduce themselves, not everyone remembers them, your cloth is your identifier so you better make it remember able. Also the colored helps in identification through the bushes.


It does not matter how the weather looks like, just carry your cap. This will protect you from the sun, upper thorns and falling leaves from the bush tunnels.


From yesterday’s experience, I am not sure about specs anymore. First of all, they create lines due to the sun. Specs also make it hard to see where you are going if its raining or may help. Not sure. However, leaving my specs as a short sighted person helped me not think so much of how far we had to go and not worry too much must have made me be left out on the detail of the sceneries.

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE “BAD WEATHER”. All you need is a good sets of clothes. I learnt from yesterdays hike that challenges have more memories to talk about than the unnoticeable fair times in treks and hikes. People still to date talk about Nachu caves that makes people want it to be done again to experience to have something to talk about.

Lower-Body Clothes


You better walk naked down there but do not attempt to bring bad shoes in the game. The game will torture you. Most people wear sport shoes which some have better grip that others. As you can see in my first Nature experience, I had my shoes that are very comfortable but they weren’t the best when it came to rocky hikes and treks. From the experience yesterday after wearing my hiking shoes that I had just acquired, they saved me a bunch, big bunch. I do not have the slightest pain in my calves this time round. I do not know why. My under legs do not hurt at all.

I will have to carry my two pars of shoes with me for now. Not sure I have well adjusted to the hiking shoes especially on flat ground. Flat ground so far is easier with the sporty ones.


Wear two pairs of socks. Try your best to get the cotton type. They will be nice to you. This makes you miss having blisters to prove to people that you actually hiked. Yesterday though I had one blister, might because I did not wear the second sock as the thick one which are recommended for hikes. I had it in my bag though. Must be the fear that it might be too sweaty.


Please protect you legs, you never know when the stinging nettle might visit in the trail. You also do not want to be in direct contact with leaves and all that along the trails.

Do not wear jeans. If you do, make sure they are as comfortable as it can ever get. Do not wear dresses and skirts. If you do, do wear it with something inside. I have not tried this trek yet because I feel they will be caught in the closed-up trails. Some climbs need your knees and huge degree open unless you don’t mind people discovering your goodies.

You can wear a tight and a outer trouser, which I have always done to prevent friction and helps your outer one is tone.

Find a water proof cover (Trouser) on the lower in places where its wet or carry extra incase it starts raining. It does not make sense to have water-proof boots and a short rain coat without covering your legs properly, they will still enter.

Do not Forget the Rain Coat

This i guess the most important part of this whole story. You dot want to you carry an umbrella. It might might work in some parts of the trail but it is unrealistic for the rest of it. Passing through thin and short trails, Going down and climbing up will need those hands that are holding dearly the wavering umbrella that at the end of the day does not cover you completely. Just for for the raincoat. It is a selfish equipment but very useful.

It also helps you to be warm in a windy place.

If you find a bag cover, It will add some points to your nature explorations. If you do get a waterproof shoes go for you. Make sure you have the raincoat cover too.

Gicheru Hike Blog Coming soon: Will explain in details of not carrying one.

Photos Courtesy of Hikers Afrique.com Insert Pic is from Gikuni Trek’s lunch point. It had too many undiscovered waterfalls.

Meanwhile be open to trying but things you should never miss are comfortable shoes with some grip underneath, Comfortable clothing you walk for long periods and a change of clothes. However in mind, prepare for the worst case scenario and be ready.