A recent Stellenbosch Obsession

Although Stellenbosch being one of the top universities in Africa, I am obsessed with it for totally different reason.

I am not as good with writing the same I am with the vocal instrument. I sang for the best high school in Kenya who happened to represent Africa in a Canadian festival when I was the reigning soloist. Wow. I have never said those words out loud.

I have sang for the top choirs in Kenya especially musically. I have interacted and taught with one of the top when in comes to choral music. I have sang one of the most difficult songs in the world.

This goes without saying that I am have a very good musical ear. It doesn’t matter the genre of music or topic or whatever, To me good music is good music. Good arrangement carries me. Good harmony makes my hairs rise.

if you are exposed to Kenyan entertainment choral and traditional music has a big south African influence. So imagine Sarah finding this university choir doing all the songs she did and fascinated with. I didn’t do anything that day. I was researching about that school and found this new PhD program starting next year in the Bioinformatics and computational biology department.

Let me explain, the first song that made me go into choir is Sizongena. It was the theme music that year and these guys in school kept practicing it everyday. I would stand there and listen until my late physics teacher whispered in my ear while passing, “Ingia uimbe”. I miss him. I was great. I was good. Exemplary! I was just a second year and new to the choir but was chosen the overall soloist.

I want to try the same with SU. I want to join their choir. Their music is serious and want to be part of their music.

I am not a good solo artist. I am obsessed with harmony. Finally you know why I was obsessed with quadruplets at some point on my life.

Question is, Do PhD students sing in the choir?

Oh by the way, I was consoled that they don’t also have very good dancers. I suck at it (Ask my former choreographers).