Possible solutions for Kenyan Science Graduate’s Joblessness…

After a four year course in Biochemistry, He did another 4 years in IT to get a job.

A lady he looked up to (First class biochemistry)- two years before him) is still jobless. He was passionate about science but he told a friend to change courses. As an orphan, he felt it won’t be fair for this orphan (converted- breadwinner) to spend the little money well-wishers gave him on a course he would not get a job in. What will his siblings eat, wear, study with?

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Here is the thing, Biochemistry is a good course only if you manage to rise up the ranks as a Medical rep or do a master’s to at least be employable. But again, Masters’s graduates are still looking for internships.

PhD seem to have better chances. I am yet to meet one who doesn’t have a job.

I would like to do one too to expand my chances however my short survey of how long it takes to actually be employable (Ph.D.) is just crazy. The average Dr who just finished a Ph.D. today +-3 years…started university when I was in Grade 2. Unless they did a bioinformatics course in close succession or did their Ph.D. after undergrad outside Kenya.

This is not a biochemistry problem. Anyone to has done a biology-related course that is not Medical Lab, Nursing, Pharmacy or Medicine are the same same same same boat. What seems to be working for them are the councils and unions.

So, should there be a Union to support Science Graduates?


Should we just scrap it off?


Should the government admit 1/8 of the students they are admitting today and admit them in courses our infrastructure is ready to absorb?

If they are not going to fully fund research or make it easier to establish businesses such as labs and all, Why are they teaching it? As much as they are still people who excel after doing such courses, the percentage is just too tiny for life.

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4 Replies to “Possible solutions for Kenyan Science Graduate’s Joblessness…”

  • The way you address this biochem reality 😁
    So far, I’ve just been thinking biochemistry should be totally scrapped off! – until our systems are ready to absorb graduates of the same, otherwise it’s totally unfair to have a whole bunch go through 4years of burning brain cells only for them to wonder what next afterwards.

  • It’s just headaches pthooo!!!! And the way the course it’s hard ooh my God ,,,I just wasted my future and for those who wish I can support them financially 😭😭😭 what a pity