26: Part 2

Since you followed from the last blog, the other countries I have been to so far is United Kingdom and Canada. Does Egypt count? Not sure…

Canada was my first country. At the time I hadn’t been to any place that was more than 40km away. I only knew Roysambu Constituency all my life.

Number 10 will surprise you. Like seriously…

6. Gaining Lab Experience in Immunology, Bacteriology and Molecular Biology.

I have been briefly trained in other disciplines but these are the main ones. Ask anyone who has done a Biomedical or Bioscience degree in Kenya if it’s possible to get high end training in three disciplines as a fresh graduate. I believe God blessed me with the people I have encountered in my career journey.

7. Science Communication Training

I was introduce to this as a by the way and I can write love it. Of cause I have a long way to go with being good at it but developing blogs, creating collaborations, creating a company and training other people on the same is something I am proud of. It is my win.

8. Learning Web Development

Coding is still new to me. I am still learning but being able to out several sites up by myself under 8 months is something I don’t take for granted. When I first started learning HTML, I thought to myself, Who will remember all this tags and all that. A few months later, I passed a LinkedIn assessment on the same.

9. Blogging Expert.

Blogging is hard. Consistency, discipline and the most boring part is editing which I am still trying to be patient with. The most beautiful part of this is encouraging others to blog too and teaching them how it’s done and all. Oh my, I just remembered, I was to edit someone’s site. Anyway, I started with a wireless sure, Now I blog on my own site. This!

10. Dating Expert

In my younger years, I never ever thought I would date considering my weird relationship with men…Too close. I never thought they were attractive. Having a connection and trying this thing called Romantic relationship is a big win for me. At my age, my interactions have made me an expert and able to make informed decisions about what works for me and what doesn’t even before it starts.

11. Social media

Gaining an audience with what you have to say is not an easy task, esp if it doesn’t come naturally. I started pages on different social media and see what works for my kind of content. In total I have nearly 30,000 Followers on all of my social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. This audience is important to me for my future plans in my career. That’s a big win.

12. Educational success

As a nine year old never thought I would be able to go to school due to our home situation. If there is still called miracles is my education. It has hit Highs and lows… Lows esp to be able to stop this thing I love called education. Mum couldn’t afford school uniform to start school. Finishing high school is like unhappenable! I still have arrears. Getting into Uni for my Bsc was waah… Being accepted to Jkuat for my Msc is just πŸ˜₯Writing about it soon. I am waiting for my PhD hiccups like a hawk. It’s a norm.

Nishapata form ya 26th… πŸ‘‡