26: Part 1

If a beautiful woman told you she is 26, you would wonder if she is engaged, married or a mother of at least one kid and look keenly to see if there is another on the way. No? What about a serious relationship? At least she is heading somewhere, most of us would conclude. But… What if she is not dating, to make it worse, she is not putting herself out there – being in church groups, going for hikes, going to clubs, asking for recommendations…Now this one will make some of us emotional; What if she is never planning to get married and not have kids? unless the deal is too good to refuse…if you know what I mean. That woman is me.

My 26 wins

Yap. I just switched like that. I am tired of talking about how I feel about these societal norms and how they annoy me. I want to talk about…’ What’s that word…’ Positive’ stuff today. Not all of them, just 26. March 26 will be the official date I turn 26 but who cares, there is room for error.

My 19 Year-old Signature

As a 7 year old who loved going through dad’s library/home office, finding easy-to-read books like readers digest, Times magazine… – I was tired of ‘Hallo Children’, I even punched it – I admired going through his ‘To-Do’ Lists and signed documents. The most fascinating item I found in his beautiful handwriting was the signature. Studying the concept, applying it and adjusting it to what I wanted and Boom! I had my signature which I still use to-date.


With my signature to boost my ego (used to be position 26/29 in class and fucking hated division with remainders…at the time…or was it the teacher), switching schools from private to public – God Bless Former President Kibaki- I cleared all my papers. The usual number one missed a CRE (Christian Religious Education Subject) question asking who betrayed Jesus – She wrote Peter. All the badges to my dear fragile sweater but I loved it.

Youngest Female Kenyan GoalKeeper

Listen, these stats are based on my…my knowledge. I played all day, every day. I skipped lunch, always dirty from hair downwards, painful baths and always late. I was 8 and awesome in catching those shots from boys older than me. There was always an argument in Githurai about which team is taking Sarah. I loved it.

Hacker @8

No, Not the NSA. The computer was the only TV we knew. Fun Fact; That was the only TV I ever watched all my 26 years. The only advert I know is ‘Freedom softa freedom.” He treasured that thing, so obviously, it wasn’t for kids to play cards on. The thing is you don’t tell Sarah why she shouldn’t do something if you don’t have a valid reason. I hope he skips this blog. I went through everything until I got bored and went back to the monotonous cards that also got…you know…monotonous.

5 Visa’s

The first time I travelled out of the country, I was a broke teenager but happy. That’s an interesting Canada story I should tell one day in detail. The rest were on various reasons that I or my family did not fund…South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda and another that has a whole story to it. As a lover of culture, nature and meeting new people, I love travelling and so far I love what I have experienced.

Stay Tuned….

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