If you met my mum today, You will learn that…

she is chatty

My mum was brought in/at/on Mt. Kenya. You know the way people get sunburns? She got freezeburns. She would darken because of the cold and her face would be sour. She was quiet and introverted. Yes the two are two different things. When she came ro Nairobi, her quiet nice nature had to go away to pay rent and put something on the table. An introvert who had to adjust and survive. It became her nature. As much as she would love a quiet intimate honest conversations with lots of laughs in between, she finds herself having a lot of small talk that helps her get and keep customers. So she might treat you the same way as the customers, no awkward silence.

she is a comedian

Growing up, it never hit me that my mum is a woman, if you know what I mean. She was always happy and making jokes out of everything. If we escorted her to her errands, she would make jokes with everyone. Coming to realise later that some were strangers she was not intending to cultivate something on. Today I went on a date with her and the whole time everything that came from her mouth will just make me laugh. Sometimes she would make herself laugh. It happened today. After she looked at me and seemed to remember something and made a joke out of it in her head, then started shaking…Her eyes smaller, her cheeks High up and when she was done, she wiped something from her eyes. I was jealous, she was too far to share the joke. So I thought a pic is good punishment. You can bet that she will make you laugh to.

she is a good listener

I get a lot from my mom but something I might have done my best in emulating is listening. When you talk, she will take time to know what you are saying. A very short conversation makes her know a lot about people. She might make you talk more than you wanted. She has been a therapist jini ya maji for a lot of people she interacts with, esp her customers. She makes you want to talk just from her body language. She is the one who taught me eye contact. The reason I am taken so much time to write this is because, I can’t help but look up everytime she talks. So if you want to lie or eye contact makes you uncomfortable then you shouldn’t probably meet her.

What is common between my mom and yours so far?