Say my Name, not my Race or Gender.

Photo: Dr. Rediet Abebe, Cornell University, Computer Science, The SOURCE will ‘surprise’ you.

Why ‘First Black, Woman, African’ and not “First White, First Man, First American, European”?

I dare you to search on the internet either google or bing or whatever, find content on the latter talking about successes the white, men or American or even Europeans – Apart from the first white President article by Atlantic referring to Trump which is not a success story. Search on the former and articles are flying talking about the first woman who did this, the first black appointed for this, the first African to go to school, the first black, woman, African who did something deemed awesome by the society. What does that say for the rest of the women, ‘blacks’ and Africans?

Disclaimer: I know you are expecting me to write a disclaimer on appreciating the women and Africans who have been successfully been referred to as the first. I will be doing the same thing instead of referring to their names. REFERRING BY THEIR RACE AND GENDER AS THE FIRST MEANS THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH REST OF THE POPULATION. In this day and age, having skin or sexual orientations should not be news.

Let’s talk about the recent “discovery‘ that women and Africans can also lead the WTO- Dr Ngozi. While content writers and other people refer to her as that first African woman, she doesn’t. Here is an excerpt from her personal site.

Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala a global finance expert, is an economist and international development professional with over 30 years of experience working in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Currently, Dr Okonjo-Iweala is Chair of the Board of Gavi, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation. 

Dr. Ngozi Website

Read the rest, she doesn’t refer to herself as an African or a woman. I have not seen her tweet herself as the first African and the first woman. She answers questions from a journalist who asks her about her being African and woman with WTO director in the same line, which would not be the same story if the chosen DG was white or a man.

The same goes with the rest of the ‘first’ african something and the first women sth– President Barrack Obama and his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris, Dr Rediet, Prof Wangari. They don’t talk about themselves as the those but their actual role unless asked which to my imagination can be annoying.

Have you seen people taking so much interest and praising Second Gentleman, Emhoff as compared to If he was from a race or gender that is seen lesser or incapable? Do they refer to him as the first white? When talking about him being the first man to have a wife as the Vice president of America, it doesn’t seem like an achievement but a disgrace. Why?????????????????? – Annoyed.

I am Sarah Nyanchera Nyakeri. I am a Kenyan Citizen by virtue that my parents are Kenyan citizens and not by birth according to Kenyan law. Kenya is in the African continent and most of my genetic makeup if African making me be of African descent. As a scientist, I might end up discovering something or doing something that someone else who has a similar background has not been recorded to have done the same. Please, DO NOT REFER TO ME AS THE FIRST KENYAN, THE FIRST AFRICAN or THE FIRST WOMAN. Refer to me by my names SARAH NYANCHERA NYAKERI-? (IF ITS EVER FILLED).


Succeeding and looking a certain way or coming from a certain country should not be a surprise but a norm. I should not be abnormal for certain races and genders to succeed. It shouldn’t make news but the name should. Say her name, Say his name not her/his race or gender- saying his/her in that order shouldn’t be a norm too.

Why wasn’t Albert Enstein referred to as the First german to develop the theory of relativity but German born and not first at the start? All I am saying is there is everythint right with mentioning where people came from and where they were brought up but absurd to mention their race and gender making it ‘NEWS”.