Cheap Sex: Research Paper


I wrote about dating apps before and related them to being prostitution sites and some people were quick to say that I shouldn’t talk about them like that. I should do my research well. Well, I did the research further. Tinder having over 100M downloads as compared to the rest that has less than 10M was the best shop to stop at. I have kept my cool all the while until now when I just blasted someone and was not very kind with my words but blunt- not abusive. I just knew the whole thing was affecting me and I need to back off. Before I do, let me just share what I have learned so far from that.


It rained yesterday and as I was coming out of the library, two of the male attendants were very nice to me and offered an umbrella to cover myself. I wondered why they hadn’t given the same umbrella to another student yet they were standing there waiting for the rain to subside. The difference between them and me was that I was pregnant. Earlier in the day, a pregnant lady was very kind to me and showed me how Mendeley works making my proposal writing experience. Analysing the situation, she connected with me because I was pregnant.

If you were to meet today, Now? You will meet a shaggy, lose of fashion sense and pregnant lady, in short, a ‘mum’. The only time I will be keen on how I look is if I am meeting someone I am attracted to intellectually and physically- happened twice in my life, Juzi and 3 years ago. My parents of cause don’t like that I do not care to lose weight or dress like a lady but the truth is I don’t like what I have experienced so far if I look attractive. The times I have been sexually harassed before, I dressed to kill – This is not to say women get raped before they dress ‘badly’.


I took my favourite normal looking pictures that people have overly commented on before and a ‘good’ CV- Scientist and Journalist- on the profile. I went ahead and sent my online CV link once we match. I mean I am light, bright and Industrious, the perfect ‘beauty and brains’, who wouldn’t swipe right, Unless you are racist or just not attracted to light people and prefer darker skin just like me. I am good with conversation, I can bet on that, draw his attention to me especially if I am not attracted.

I swiped right to poeple with real pictures or verified pictures who were dark skin. I like mine dark chocolate. This was to make sure I could verify to myself and the othe person that I like their face or it just that I hate lying. Being on tinder itself is enough of a lie.


In one month, I successfully talked to 287 men who lived in Utawala, Juja, Kasarani Seasons, Zimmerman and the famous Roysambu when I looked for men who were 1 km away from Thika and Zimmerman. Been 25, I was looking for 27-33 years but some with lower and higher ages would crop up. The seniors would be single fathers, young married men, seniors bachelors and some students.

1.5% were intentional in wanting to know me better and make a real connection. Most of them, you would find they were not active on tinder or about to delete or some have their profiles on it but no longer use it so search for them on google and we go on. You will be surprised by how aggressive I can be in finding the things I want.

70% were looking for instant sex, one night stands, friends with benefit and short term relationships for sexual benefits. 19% were looking for hookers which i think is impressive since people need to fucking pay-up but I am sure there are more of these men since my profile didn’t look like someone who would be a hooker who knows. The rest, its either I didn’t figure them out or they simply went silent.


I honestly think people who need sex should pay for sex. There is a lot of women who charge differently prices and offer different services if need be. They are called sex workers and that is their profession. Why they choose their profession should not be your business unless you are offering them another alternative.

The men that are asking women to come to their place and offer sex on the different grounds mentioned in the 70% category should be ashamed of themselves. But how again can I blame them if women still go there. Reasons why they go might be ‘chini ya maji’ prostitution or hoping to find love or excited to make a new friend. Thing is, it is cheaper and better especially with COVID-19 narrative is a lie.


Women: You deserve better. If he is fucking broke, there are very many nice places that do not need a dime where people can spend time and get to know each other that are public…Taking a walk for instance…If you intend to meet a guy you like, take care of your own fare to meet in public. Go to dates you can afford unless that’s finally your boyfriend treating you for something you can’t afford.

Men: Be intentional about what you looking for. You do not want to form a school early on due to the number of kids and disrespect you gather around. Paying for sex is understandable but manipulating a woman into free sex is immature and stupid of you. The 70%, simply want cheap sex and get pretty annoyed when told the truth due to pride reasons. Where was your ego when you asked her to your place? Shame on you!

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