Becoming a Digital Nomad/Remote Work

Three years ago, I hoped by our local library and met one of my childhood neighbors. She was using a Bamba phone and ticking off some numbers from her notebook. My curiosity said no to my introverted voice to learn that she was a customer service agent who was avoiding waking up two hours early when working at an office. She was also saving on money: The library needs 30 per day plus fresh food at home while in the office its 200 fares plus costly food that isn’t fresh and clean.

Apart from the common online jobs that make it possible for people to people to work from anywhere in the world,

English Teacher

Freelance Writer

Youtube Blogging

Affiliate Marketing

Web Developer

Virtual Assistant

Graphic designer

Selling something online

Personal Trainer

Social Media Manager

Freelance Digital marketer


Media Editor

Medical Transcription


Ad Support

Customer Support

coronavirus has made people trust their employees to work from wherever they are effective. If your professional doesn’t you to be necessarily there then ask your boss. The Internet has made it possible.

A digital NOMAD is someone who uses a computer and a phone to work from wherever they are: Home, shared workspace, beach, etc.

Personally, I have been thinking of the following careers: Online bioinformatics consultant and professor, Digital marketer, science writer and have an investment and real estate for stability. There is so much I am working towards to such as Web development and Photography.