The Principles of Running by Amby Burfoot

I find running monotonous – clearly not a running expert or junky. Soccer was the only sport I enjoyed in my active years – running with a purpose. I played defence. Although I tried to maintain body activity through chores, walking and working while standing, COVID-19 beat me 3-0 arresting my mobility.

The Running Book

This book was written when I was 4 which is more than 21 years ago. Looking through the Table of contents and simple chapter layouts, it believe its still relevant, at least to me. I have gained about 15Kgs making me overweight for my height. My argument that the BMI standards may not apply to the majorly short Africans do not help with my nature walks ending up with friction between my legs, unnecessary sweating with little activity, loss of balance and repeating clothes – I am not pleased.

Running burns more calories in less time than any other exercise – 120 Per mile

I tried running every morning for a week while visiting my ancestral home but instead I gained 3 more Kgs. Perusing the book, I was on the right track but there are things I must have missed.

  1. The Joy of Running
  2. First Steps
  3. Women
  4. Equipment
  5. Nutrition
  6. Training
  7. Weight Loss
  8. Weather
  9. Injury Prevention and Treatment
  10. Racing
  11. The Marathon
  12. A Lifetime of Running

My brother who is athletic has been raised by a lover of books. Dad ended up selling books in town: Converted passion to a business. Bro, like me, is not an avid reader but looking through interesting books is a family thing. Welcome to my family. Hopefully I will be done before he finishes his Kung Fu Exercise Book.

6 conditions of health

  1. Are you free from fatigue?
  2. Do you sleep soundly?
  3. Is your appetite good?
  4. Are you good-humored?
  5. Is your memory good?
  6. Are you precise in thought and action?


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