Getting High on New Years: 2021 Unwritten Resolution

When guys were writing down resolutions, sending messages to people they barely talk to in 2020, and getting high, I ran in a short skirt. 2 minutes in, my right leg was not working with me. Instead of taking a motorcycle back home, I limped my 77 Kgs to a nearby friend’s house. It was a short run but there was difference in my energy, moods and handling stressful situations that day. Reading the first chapter on the Principles of Running explained it.  

Slow but steady wins the race

On the Joy of running, there is the health part of it and the high. At least I was also high on something on New Years. 

  1. Studies show that regular exercise not only extends your life but also makes you healthier and more vigorous.
  2. Running is the Simplest and most effective of the regular lifelong exercises.
  3. It reduces chance of Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure with a positive influence on other major important health indicators. 
  4. In the 99 percent of the human existence, we have been moving around which is not true with the present life. 
  5. A good weight loss/maintenance activity- 120 Calories per mile.
  6. Non-runners are more prone to depression as compared to runners showing that running is a perfect escape from stress.
  7. The high is the relaxation and revitalization that naturally follows a steady, rhythmic, aerobic workout. 
  8. Running improves problem solving abilities and stimulates creativity thinking. Many runners get a solution when they run. 

Apart from the health benefits, running has psychological-emotional and mental benefits. 

Instead of getting tired from running, it gives one more energy once it becomes a habit as opposed to struggle.

We struggle so much to be succeed at everything, heck no one does, thus it is important to focus your energy on what works for you.