How to Gain 10 Kg in 5 Months

Not everyone wants to be slim thus younger than their age. Some of us just want to gain some weight so that when the disease comes, we have something to lose.

Now, this is not a plan to get sick but a plan to achieve things we secretly want but people don’t to talk about. We want some ass, some hips, some arms, some meat you know.

There are some nice ways of gaining weight that I have seen people using and working are not what I am going to talk about.

Just the other day, I have seen the once slim Njugush otherwise known as Timothy Kimani gaining lots of good weight through the gym.  Funny thing is, I don’t think he started the gym to necessarily get the arms he clearly has now but was on the journey of losing mataya, I mean belly fat but ended up gaining in the right places

I have seen girls with small ass and hips gain it with squats and lunges: No much gym equipment use.

All those stories are nice but the style is nicer.

Sit the whole, Eat once per day, Allow Stress, Overwork, and Don’t sleep for at least 72 hours. This worked for me. Some burnout is a good addition to the whole process.

4 months later, you will not be able to walk due to friction between your legs.

Once you gain those kgs and still not dead. Take at least an 8km walk in nature-oriented places: Thika(Kiambu), Delmonte (Muranga), Fourteen Falls (Machakos), Karura, and Arboretum (Nairobi. Still discovering more. Here, you will have stored energy to lose.

Disclaimer: The sunburn, Woi!

Yeah. Basically, that’s how I got fat the bad way and for the past four weeks, I have been losing it through nature walks. Next Sato, 21st Nov, 500 is going down with a Tatu City walk, 20Km, 5 dams in one day.

Will you join me?