What You Can Learn through writing

There is no other way to learn how to write except starting to write. How? You ask.

Take a pen and paper or open a writing pad and Start writing for 5-10 minutes continuously. You have to write for the entire time, let the thoughts take you, and don’t get stuck on a topic, and if you get stuck, write I am stuck until the five or ten minutes are over.

There is more to learning that what goes on inside classrooms-Much more

I have a habit of writing whenever I see something or realize something then start writing about it. Along the way, I discover a lot by having those honest conversations with myself through writing.

Here are some things you can learn from writing;

  1. You can learn about yourself
  2. You can learn about your world
  3. You can learn about others
  4. Learn about life
  5. Learn across the curriculum
  6. About a writing subject

Keep a personal journal helps one practice every day.