6 Must haves of a Restaurant

There are rumours that I am fat and others that I am pregnant. Others say I eat out. All you need to know is I eat well at home, However, there are days I take myself out for a treat. With the little experience, the following inform my restaurant choice.

1. Special Dish

I am sure if we had a discussion about restaurants in Nairobi, you will talk about how good a certain dish is prepared. I only eat my fries or the ones from Bakers in opposite GPO. My fish fingers from Valley Coffee restaurant next to CJ’s. My chicken from Manhattan Chicken next to Galitos just because of the topping and now My Uji from Home Lunch Restaurant, Moi Avenue.

What’s yours?

2. Sockets

Apart from always dying phone batteries due to active social media usage, People would love to pop up their laptops during a meeting and not be worried about a dying beta.

3. Silence

Hatuko kwa soko my friends. This is largely influenced by the sitting arrangment and the general ambience. There are places mdomo inawasha kuongea and others where your mind will tell you to talk like a lady…Smooth music is a plus.

4. Tissue in a Clean Washroom

We might talk about ‘kukata weight’ in harshed tones but visiting one is a necessity. You don’t want your customer to fill ameenda Mukuru was Njenga…I don’t know the place😂

5. Wifi

Second Last and least…Why least? I don’t use public wifi due to security reasons but most people appreciate a place with fast wifi and easily accessible password even if they might never use it. Safaricom bundles are expensive, Telkom and Airtel Slow while Faiba mifi gets me good.

Do you need wifi?

No thank you…I got my own wifi.

6. Social Media Pages

Leave the website business among and be listed on google using Business listings, and have An Instagram and FB page. its free. Add them to your menu or just somewhere incase I wanna tag you. Thats free marketing my friends…Linkedin is a plus…