How I became Patient

So for the past 5 hours, I have been waiting for someone to finish a meeting that was supposed to take at most one hour. I wasn’t counting, just realised now and the question popped? When did I become this patient?

The before me would have gone a long time ago and wouldn’t have even said I did. I have ever gone to visit someone in a different town, 8 hours away, and when they took longer than they said they would, I was back with the day Bus and enjoyed my way back. Mind you, I wasn’t angry.

I am not that person who has one plan in mind without a plan B, at times C. I am always waiting for disappointments.
Impatience is one of my greatest weakness that I am very aware off. With that in mind, since my second year of schooling in town, I would take a mat that is not about to fill and sit at rhe front.

Apart from the fresh air and view, I liked chatting with the driver to get used to starting conversations with strangers and entertain small talk: crawling from my introverted shell.

We all know that the front seat is always among the first to fill. Places where condas are competing for customers, some would end up boarding another making us start from scratch.
Instead of letting my acid spike, I would instead encourage people to board but that close-to-smile look or play around with my mouth to display my dimples b mistake.  However, most times, I would be absorbed in doing sth on my phone that is not related to social media or games. I have never downloaded a phone game since I bought this phone more than a year ago.
1. Do a course
2. Blog
3. Read
4. Schedule social media posts
5. Brainstorm on ideas.

Apart from my tired ass and back from sitting for long, I have been pretty productive for the past 5 hours. Feels like, I just had a change of environment.
Time to leave! Borders of my patience finally got threatened. And he just came…Wow!

Get a book from my Dad: KPLC near the City Council washrooms