Schooling during COVID-19: My University experience

Sarah, kuna timetable! What? That was one week before the exam was to start.

After COVID-19 stopped school reggae in school, we were midday our Msc syllabus. At the time, I was also interning at KAVI-ICR and attending my classes. So when the first case was reported, I was at the center of it terms of:

  • We were sequencing a SARS-COV virus using nanopore in preparation for COVID-19 work
  • KAVI-ICR was offering facilities for ongoing training of the obviously frightened doctors from different countries on how to handle COVID-19
  • Our Friday Journal clubs (which I voluntered in reporting on) were discussing COVID-19 in relation to previous happenings since KAVI-ICR contributed to the previous outbreak:Ebola research
  • Everyday one of my supervisors was on television discussing it
  • I was blogging about on Science cast.
  • and the obvious sharing of KNH compound.

Our lecturers tried adjusting to the new norm through online classes which some were hard to go through with.

Having one week to transition to school mode was difficult. We had to meet to teach ourselves linear programing and revise other stuff. It was a holiday, but the watchis with an added task of measuring your temperature, making sure you wash ur hands with soap and water and that you have a mask.

School day: there was an additional washing at the entrance to the science building provided by the college of pure and applied sciences. Funny story, looks like Staff did not have potentially coronated hands but students sure did.

I made friends with one of the watchis so that I would skip the School ID part- No sarviettes to wipe my hands.

In class and libray: opened doors and windows, Marked spaces to sit on and your mask on

Good thing is my coursework- Hopefully no Supps. Onto the next, You got a project for me?

Msc Molecular biology anf bioinformatics, JKUAT.