Sexual Offences Act: Section 2

Before indulging, What are some of the definitions that caught my eye?

complainant” means the Republic or the alleged victim of a sexual offence in the case of a child or a person with mental disabilities,  includes a person who lodges a complaint on behalf of the alleged victim where the victim is unable or inhibited from lodging and following up a complaint of sexual abuse;

The description of someone with mental disabilities was new to me: See below…

DNA” means deoxyribonucleic acid, the genetic code unique to  every living organism, including human beings and “DNA Test” shall be construed accordingly;

genital organs” includes the whole or part of male or female genital organs and for purposes of this Act includes the anus;

Anus is a genital organ according to this act.

indecent act” means an unlawful intentional act which causes—
(a) any contact between any part of the body of a person with the genital organs, breasts or buttocks of another, but does not include an act that causes penetration;
(b) exposure or display of any pornographic material to any person
against his or her will;

Reading the B part made me realize that an offense was committed to me without my knowledge that I could report it.

person with mental disabilities” means a person affected by any mental disability irrespective of its cause, whether temporary or permanent, and for purposes of this Act includes a person affected by such mental disability to the extent that he or she, at the time of the alleged commission of the offence in question, was—

  • (a) unable to appreciate the nature and reasonably foreseeable
    consequences of any act described under this Act;
  • (b) able to appreciate the nature and reasonably foreseeable consequences of such an act but unable to act in accordance with
    that appreciation;
  • (c) unable to resist the commission of any such act; or
  • (d) unable to communicate his or her unwillingness to participate in any such act;

Took note of the ” at the time of offence in question” and then reread the last two.

penetration” means the partial or complete insertion of the genital organs of a person into the genital organs of another person;

Disclaimer:  No word, Except the ones in italics, has been altered. This does not include every definition in section two of the sexual offenses act.