The Abeli Mutua Effect Turned stupidity

I am not normally obsessed with following any youtube channel but Abel amefanya ile kitu.

A Co-Executive of the PhilIt production company, former Tahidi High actor, camera guy and script writer, Mother in law script writer, Real Househelps of Kawangware script writer, and the current one for the most recent Kenyan shows on Maisha Magic…Na bado

I have a sister who would leave me watching a very awesome movie and ask me later in the morning how it went.

Since she discovered Abel Mutua, for the first time she slept at 1. Mind you, she has work the next day. Kama si bangi, what can addict someone to something like this? Stupidity, she Concludes.

Lakini I understand her, this guy manze… Thats why I have to watch at least an episode every week to avoid an overload.

Why do I watch Abel

  • He speaks my language
  • He is funny
  • His stories are relatable
  • He is admirable with integrity and humanity
  • His stories packaged with life lessons
  • Dude got a good heart
  • He keeps me sane.

He introduced me to CTA and I am hooked manze.

Which other guy can make 15 000 people to attend his live in Kenya today?

He has 50 videos so far… Don’t be stupid and balance the hook

Abel Mutua Youtube Channel

Today she has switched to Njugush to see if she will sleep earlier. Personally, I am hooked to their (Njugunas) Friday lives: Candid conversations…

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