Killing Customers

The best business to Venture in has something to do killing the customer: Drugs, P2 (Emergency Pills, Skin Bleach Creams, Abortion etc. Why?

I was watching a documentary featuring police trying to police this kind with fail. In reality, the confisticated items are not destroyed but resold. Why?

We cannot blame the sellers of the dangerous products. Raiding places and arresting people only creates avenues for other people to create new tactics. It solves nothing.

The customer is the real customer killer. As much as we can argue that they are not informed of the dangers, truth is they won’t stop because you said it will kill them. You haven’t solved the root problem.

If we created programs that aim at killing the customer: healing people’s struggle that affect their mental health, self esteem, life challenges etc, then no one will see the need of a skin bleach, early sex…

Once you kill the customers, there won’t be need to sell a product. In my estate, there is no charcoal seller because there is no market for that product. Once you kill the market effectively, which is the customer, the ‘customer killer’ or rather sellers will venture into a legit business.

No business can thrive, if you kill the customer!