Corona Blessings

I have always had an issue with how media works: ” Highlighting negatives to sell”. Corona sold so well with the negatives. Hope and the positive side has no financial gain to the media. Michelle Robinson commented in her book, Becoming, that ‘governments haven’t invested in marketing’. We barely see the positive side of what it has done for us.

After harassing one of us to buy us lunch, I learnt from my classmates that I should forget all the negatives and focus on the positive of what is happening to our lives. With that, I could understand what everyone had to say on the units we revised on.

With that, I guess lets forget what the corona negatives and zoom into the positives. Apart from mended relationships, less usage of office space, better management of time, discipline, business venturing etc, Think about the lost weight from hunger and added weight from inactivity. How great is that?

Some have realised living in a smaller house is better while others bid employment and renting goodbye when the uncrackable finally cracked. Youtube employment, internet connection, converting passions, into money…

Others like me concentrated on self-development, Reading that book, learning that language, Made that recipe, doing that project, Creating a life balance of work and leisure…

Forget everything everything negative caused or not caused by corona and mention that one positive thing that has come with or without corona. The negativity needs a balance.


My ultimate positive thing gaining weight: Today, I could hardly walk (friction) or climb those school stairs…We both know what happens when you get that heart attack/ scare…


Today’s lesson: Learning the difference in personality and recognising the weaknesses in each of us and building each other to be on the same level.