Learn German: Introduction

My parents come from two tribes in Kenya, none of which I can explain myself in. Although I understand half the Bantu languages in Kenya,I can’t respond using the same language. I struggle to use proper English even today. Back in school, I was good in written Swahili and not spoken Swahili. Being brought up in the ghetto and a rare breed of a tomboy, (which is shouldn’t be an excuse), I conversed better in Slang (sheng) or rather broken-mixed languages. There you have it, I am a sucker for languages.

As someone who has a very low grasp in languages, I challenged myself to learn a foreign language. Instead of the lovey dovey Spanish or the common French or the popular mandarin language, I chose German.

Reasons for Learning German


Our daily lives are pretty much relied on money. Germany being the world’s second largest exporter, it’s economy ranks one in Europe and four in the whole world. If you were to combine all the Spanish English speaking countries together, their economy could be compared to Germany. A direct investment by Germany to United States is over ten billion and is a home to many international corporations.

It’s interesting

My sister did French in high school for two years and dropped it. I only word I learnt from her was how to say thanks and one greeting. Back in high school, we had eight technical subjects including German and French. As much, I was all into computers and music subjects, the German students seemed to have more enthusiasm in their language than any other technical subject. Listening to the conversations, I not only learnt how to say thanks but Good morning, Good day, Good evening and Good night. The previous year, before my year, our school performed the best in the country in the German subject. This explains why it naturally became my language of choice.

Free Education

Apart from the interest of different cultures, German speaking countries are places I would love to live at some point in my life. A country like German has embraced the STEM subjects and has a very good education system. Schools are free including the university graduate level and a few have some fee which is incomparable with any other country’s school fee. As someone who loves education and learning new stuff, this is my kind of Pizza. As a Tech interested person with love for research, Deutschland sounds like a good destination.

Expand by knowledge

If you love books, be sure that one in ten books in the whole world is written in German. German is an important language in academia and education; 18% of the world’s books are published in German. In fact, German is the second-most commonly used scientific language. Being a science person and a writer, I need everything I can get.

German learning sources

There are a lot of German courses online and physical schools. The most common one in Kenya is Goethe institute. Earlier on, I learn that it was too expensive for me though I know a lot of people who have learnt German through it. So I went hunting for a German course online but most of them you needed to pay. Others didn’t have a level-like structure while some of the free ones had substandard material or rather not interesting material.

The German language has four common expertise levels namely A1, A2, B1 and B2. As someone who likes free and good stuff, I searched for spaces where I could learn German well without annoying adverts. I finally landed on Learn German, German project and my favorite DW Learn German.

Learn German wasn’t pleasing go the eyes so I didn’t like it. It also has a lot of YouTube and didn’t have order. However, it is a good place to find a specific lesson.

German Project seemed to be more fun and the website was audio-based. The disadvantage though was that it is had to replay an audio once played. It didn’t seem to have exhaustive content but is a good starting point for anyone.

DW which I normally associate with documentaries on YouTube has a very beautiful nice interactive page. The only disadvantage with it is that, the Crispy videos are heavy and high dimensional. With low Mbs internet, it can buffer at least once in each play though not for a long time. Apart from the interphase, DW’s learn German free course has been designed tests to level yourself. The structure of the course is awesome and it uses a story line to teach. I love it.

I am not limited to the three sources since I like changing my learning environment to see what other sites offer. This has made me go through a lot of content.

Keep it locked here if interested in learning the German language.

Update: I found how to hack the famous Duolingo using a free plan. Check this out.

NB: I updated my Keyboard to accommodate the German symbols.

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