I am a Jill of all Trades but and a master of one – Investigation. 10 years ago, I penned a list of 20 professions I eyed. The common things were the non-routine and research aspects. Today, I am still discovering what Profession suits my abilities. 

My first day in high school, I wasn’t sure what Technical subject to go for out of the 8, however, I was sure that Business Studies would be number 8. 10 years later I have been involved in business management, development and Idea Criticism more than I thought I would ever be.

My love for Design, Maths, Physics and Computer Studies and my drawing Talent made me think I would end up in an Architectural Profession but the Kenyan Government’s algorithm chose Biochemistry due to my good Biology and Chemistry grades. Now all this have been packaged into Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. 

Currently, I am a Masters student in JKUAT and an ILRI MSc Fellow working on a project (Identification of virulence factors as novel vaccine targets for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia by the whole genome saturated mutagenesis) incorporating Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. As an African, I believe drugs, diagnostics and vaccines that suit our infrastructure and culture are a route to better interventions in Plants, Animals and People. 

In this self-discovery journey, I believe there is more to learn about the world and myself. 

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Masters of Science in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology_Website

I am a few weeks shy of finishing my project work at International Livestock research Institute.


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Technical University of Kenya_Website

Coursework, Projects, 1 internal Attachment, and 2 Internships.


March 2020

Good Clinical Practice

IAVI – International Aids Vaccine Institute

March 2019

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Open University with Google_Website


KCSE- Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

State House Girls High School_Website

A- (77 Points) for All Sciences, Geography and Computer Studies


KCPE- Kenya Certificate of Primary Education

Roysambu Primary School_Post


Part-Time Digital Presence Consultant

I am currently working with different people who want to better their digital Presence.


Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya : Website design

NobleKinmat : Digital Content Strategy

House Call Medics : Website

Dr. Mukami Gathariki : Website


Hikers afrique : Growing Linkedin Audience and Blogging

Kuza Inititative: Social Media Presence

Obaigo: Marketing strategy

WordCamp Nairobi 2018: Live Tweeting and Live Faceboook

Dr. Mercy Akinyi: Website

Ahadi Movers : Digitial Marketing Strategy (SEO)

Hulingarm Salon and Barbershop : Facebook

Orchard Piggery : Logo Design and Facebook

Imba Kwa akili: Social Media Marketing

Previous Full Communications

International Potato Center

International acquisition of Agribiotech Applications


Podcaster: The Vulnerable Scientist

Dec 2021- Present
While doing my Msc research,  I realised that scientists don’t often talk about the low moments in research and few talk about their highs. I created a space where scientists can talk about how it is doing research – both the good and the bad. Feel free to reach out to be a guest on the show if you want to to be Vulnerable with me.


Msc Graduate Fellow

April 2021- May 2022

ILRI-  International livestock Research Institute

Science Writer

March 2020- March 2021

Science Media Africa– Science for Everyone

Science Cast – Bridging the Gap Between scientists and the Public : (Company Sold)

Laboratory Intern

May 2016- March 2020

KAVI Institute of Clinical Research – PBMC Harvesting and Molecular Lab.

ICRAF – Genebank (Molecular and Seed Labs)

UNITID – HIVDR and TB Diagnostics

KEPHIS– HQ, Muguga and JKUAT Stations

USIU – School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Biochemistry and Microbiology Lab)

Science Communicator

May – October 2020


ABBC 2019 Conference

Social Media Management

Website QA


Social media Strategy

Blog and Report Writing

Photography and Editing


Project Summary

Current Project 

Identification of virulence factors as novel vaccine targets for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia by whole genome saturated mutagenesis

There is an urgent need for improved vaccines for contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP). CBPP is one of the most infectious and highly contagious diseases of cattle in Africa accounting for more than $38.8 million annual loss in cattle productivity in 12 endemic countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, control of CBPP relies on a live vaccine of limited efficacy and occasional severe side effects. Achieving breakthroughs in developing effective tools, including vaccines, for CBPP intervention requires deeper insights into host-bacteria interactions.

Like other diseases caused by mycoplasma, CBPP is characterized by immunopathology, i.e. dysregulation of the host’s immune response. In vitro data indicates that this dysregulation begins at the very early stages of infection, at the initial site of bacteria-host cell interaction in the lung. We aim towards identifying vaccine candidates that can disrupt the bacteria-induced dysregulation of the host’s immune response.

To pump-prime this objective, we propose to generate a random mutant library of the bacteria which can be used to identify bacterial genes that play an important role in the initial bacteria-host cell encounters and the dysregulation of the host’s immune response. Within the scope of the initial project, we will use the mutant library in established in vitro assays to screen for bacteria that fail to induce the typical response (compared to the wild type bacteria). This will allow a deeper understanding of host-pathogen interactions, and the identified antigens will be tested in future in vivo experiments for their suitability as vaccine candidates.


Original text


In-Vitro Adsorption activity of Activated Charcoal on Coliform Bacteria 

Activated charcoal has been used before to adsorb different molecules including toxins and drug overdoses. Little research has been done on its ability to adsorb microorganisms. The aim of the study was to examine the adsorption characteristic of activated charcoal on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria using Staphylococcus aureus and Shigella spp . respectively as representatives. The other objective was to find out the effectiveness of activated charcoal on adsorbing bacteria. The study showed that it was effective on gram-negative bacteria more than the gram-negative bacteria. In all, it was more effective with the treatment of 10mg activated charcoal as the effect was dose-dependent. This shows that activated charcoal can be used to remove bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract thus treating diarrheal diseases as previously thought.

Full text

Coenzyme Q10 nullified khat-induced hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity and inflammation in a mouse model

I briefly supported the project where I administered mice with Khat after crushing the Khat – Dr. Kennedy Chepukosi. I gained skills in animal handling and how to use a mice a model.

Full text

I briefly supported Lamp Optimization for a Field-based Diagnosis of a sweet potato viral Disease Under Bramwel Wanjala

I also briefly supported a micorbial-base project where investigation of diesel as a food source for bacteria was being done.

Researching on ‘Data protection Act an its effect on research in Kenya’ article under Dr. Caleb Kibet

  1. Molecular Biology of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and Nematodes: PCR, Gel, Quantification, Sanger and Nanopore sequencing
  2. Immunological techniques: PBMC Harvesting, ELISA’s including Multiplex using Luminex and Flow Cytometry
  3. Culture techniques; Bacterial, Plant Tissue, cell, viral and Fungal.
  4. Science Communication
  5. Informal Writing: Blogging
  6. Website Design (WordPress)
  7. Digital Marketing: Social Media, Email, and SEO.
  8. Microsoft applications
  9. Photography, Video editing, and graphic design

Kemri-Human DNA Identification (Forensics) Lab

Beca-Ilri Lab

Icipe Insects Lab

Kenya Veterinary production institute Labs

Kenya Marine fisheries Institute Labs

Government Chemist Mombasa Labs

Black Women in Computational Biology_Website

Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya_Website

International Veterinary Vaccinology Network_Website

Website Development

Bioinformatics Hub of Kenya Initiative

Dr. Mercy Akinyi

Social Media Marketing

Kuza Initiative

WordCamp Nairobi

Imba Kwa Akili